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FROM DUNG BEETLES TO SEALS, THESE ANIMALS NAVIGATE BY THE STARS: A small but diverse group of species relies on the night sky to guide their search for food and mates
[published by National Geographic]

Image by Neil Cooper

LUCY'S LULLABY: How Losing Our Grip 3 Million Years Ago May Have Set Us On The Path To Language
[Runner Up 2016 Bragg UNSW Press Prize]

ruby-10-jan-eyes-3 (1).jpg

A SECOND WIND: Biocontrol on Lord Howe Island
[published by Australian Geographic]

Lord Howe.PNG

COLD SNAP: The Physics of Food Security

Food Security.PNG

URBAN LIFE AQUATIC: A discovery in Paris reveals a huge ecosystem hidden in plain sight
[published by Forbes]


THE VANISHING WRITERS: the evocative scribbles left behind by the tiniest moths you've never seen


THE SWARM WITHIN AT THE EDGE OF CHAOS: An essay on the parallels between how honeybee swarms and human brains make decisions and why we are always a lot closer to chaos than we realise [published by Gropius Bau Journal]

Starling roost at Otmoor UK_edited.jpg

VIRUS DETECTIVES: Visit leading labs to witness the astonishing, fast-paced global collaboration to find a COVID-19 cure
[originally published by COSMOS magazine and shortlisted for the 2021 Bragg UNSW Press Prize]

virus detectives.webp

RED MADDER: A Story of Art and Science

red dye.PNG

THE WAR, THE MOUSE, THE PROTEIN AND THE LOVERS: The curious tale of the search for a common cold vaccine


THE CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION WAS A HOT EVENT: Tiny shell fossils reveal the state of the climate
[published by COSMOS magazine]

bee front.png
covid 19_smaller.png
bee swarm.png

My science writing has been published by National Geographic, Forbes, COSMOS magazine, Australian Geographic, Gropius Bau Journal and others.


tv camera.png

In addition to being a science writer, I have worked behind the scenes to help produce scientific content for a number of organisations and productions, including the following:

I assisted in the production of two major panel discussions at the festival:  

When Science Meets Art: an enduring entanglement

Science and Faith: a comfortable coexistence?


(currently in pre-production)

I'm providing behind-the-scenes research support for a six-part factual series produced by Blackfella Films for the ABC

Coolibahs and Red Cliffs in the Flinders Ranges.jpg

A medical documentary series produced by WTFN Entertainment for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). I worked closely with producers and other researchers to develop engaging, evidence-based medical content for several episodes of the series

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